BAYCOM has evolved into a manufacturer of high quality fiber optical telecom products from 1990, providing a full line of fiber optical cable, hybrid cable, optical passive components, LC connectors/
Adapters and Transceiver/Media converter. In year 2000, we were licensed by Lucent Technology, now known as OFS Fitel, to manufacture small form factor (SFF) connector that is LC connector today. Our product range covered indoor/outdoor, duct & self-supporting optical cable, tight buffer cable, medical cable, hybrid cable, LC/MU/MPO connectors, and patch cord.

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Medical Cable

Medical Cable
Baycom`s custom medical cable assemblies are designed specifically for customer’s intended applications and can be designed to be flexible and withstand handling from the medical staff and patient. Baycom`s medical cable complies with RoHS and medical grade class VI. Each cable assembly goes through several inspections during the fabrication process, which include extensive material and optical inspection. The extensive inspection begins prior to production and continues throughout the entire production cycle, allowing highly exceptional product to be produced and delivered on time, the first time, without delays.

●  Custom designed connector available on request.

●  Baycom`s accelerated design and development cycle, allows for quick response to the customer`s need, when time is limited.

●  Baycom`s capable of designing and producing an assembly solution form connector to connector.

●  USP class VI & RoHS compliance.

●  EMI protection and resistant to chemical products.

●  Flexible and easy-to-handle cable assemblies.

●  Medical devices.

●  Patient care: monitoring, patient diagnostics.

●  Endoscopy.

●  Medical imaging.

●  X-ray & Magnetic resonance imaging. (MRI)

●  ECG: heart sensors.

●  Biological analysis devices.

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